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Camping In The Wet And Rain

by Eloise Thompson

The arrival of winter doesn't have to mean the goodbye of camping trips. Sometimes camping during the colder seasons, can be just as fun and beautiful as during the summer, it just takes a few adjustments. We have put together a list of our top tips to help you survive winter camping.

Wet camping do's and don't's 

  • Be prepared – choose equipment carefully and don't rush. 
  • Double check you have a waterproof tent – this may sound an obvious, but you would be surprised!
  • Check your tents outer waterproofing.
  • Use an extra coat of water repellent spray.
  • Try to set-up during a dry spell - not only is this far easier and less stressful, but it will also ensure that nothing gets soaked inside.
  • Never pitch under a tree – bad weather will highly increase the risks.
  • Make sure you use a footprint or groundsheet.
  • Invest in a second groundsheet – one to sit underneath and provide extra protection as well as warmth. 
  • Pack extra poles and guylines.
  • Pack extra airbeams if your tent is inflatable. 
  • Invest and make use of an outdoors shelter.
  • Keep air vents open as much as possible to prevent condensation.
  • Chose your pitch wisely - try to head for higher levels. 
  • Pack a sponge or two – water will inevitably find its way into your tent; a handy sponge is a great way of soaking it up quickly.
  • Make sure there is plenty of tension on your tent.
  • Use a bivvy bag.
  • Purchase and always use dry bags for your belongings.
  • Pack for the weather - Waterproof everything. Jacket, trousers, boots, gloves, everything! 
  • Pack extra socks - trust us, you will need them. 
  • Dry out as soon as you can.
  • Pack extra indoors activities and entertainment. 
  • Always remove your shoes - this reduces mess and dampness inside the tent. 
  • Pack extra towels - quick dry towels are great if you have them.
  • Avoid bringing pets where possible - we love camping with fury friends as much as the next, BUT this can cause issues in the wet weather.
  • Try to keep everything away from the sides of your tents.
  • Pack extra layers.
  • Pack more layers. 
  • Rain ponchos are a must. 
  • Fold all clothes and bedding in plastic bags before packing – this ensures they stay dry even if your bags get wet.
  • Try to use synthetic sleeping bags and clothing.
  • Pack extra blankets for insulating underneath the sleep bags and mats. 
  • As hard as it may be raining on the outside, still do all you can to not cook inside.
  • Waterproof outdoors mat - a great way to keep out as much wet and mud as possible, a mat before entering.
  • Rain isn’t all bad – seize the opportunity to refill your water bottles and cooking pots.
  • Enjoy it!


In the words of Henry Longfellow, "The best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain."

& As ever, happy camping from PJ. 


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