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Campingaz Powerbox Plus 36L Electric Cooler

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** INCLUDES FREE 12VDC - 240VAC ADAPTOR ** The Campingaz Powerbox Plus is a brilliant way to keep food cool for long periods of time. This new model has up to 30% more premium insulation to keep food at temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius below the the ambient temperature. The incredibly quite fan will keep your food fresh for the morning without disturbing you at night.

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Thicker and improved PU insulation

Integrated feet to elevate cooler from ground and create an additional insulation layer of air

Rounded edge design for modern look and for bringing food closer to the centre and the utmost cooling performance

Firmly locking lid which ‘’clicks on close’’

Antimicrobial liner resists odor, mould and mildew

Locking side handles

Noise reduced fan

Power: Can be used on 12V or 220-240V DC as adaptor is included in package.

Capacity: 36L

Fit: 10 x 1.5L bottles

Insulation: PU

Insulation performance (+/- 1°C): 22⁰ delta versus outside ambient temperature

Weight: 4.8kg

Dimensions (LxHxW): 56 x 41 x 35 cm

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