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CleanTabs Puriclean

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Cleans and purifies all stored water systems in Boats – Caravans – Motor Homes – Coaches.

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Unique dual purpose formula which both cleans and sterilises in one easy action.

Cleans the complete water system: tank, pipes, pumps, taps.

Eradicates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae and fungi.

For maximum results, simply soak and flush.

Powerful action without harming the components in the water system.

Proven in use world-wide for 3 decades.

Easy to use, it is simply added to the water system and left to soak for 1 to 12 hours then rinsed.

Periodic use will ensure a clean healthy system for water storage.

100g Purification Capacity: 15 gallons

400g Purification Capacity: 60 gallons

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