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Sprayway Lodore Compression Stuffsac

Shrink down your bulky items and maximize space.

Kampa Pegs

Various pegs for all needs.

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Plastic 9" Peg

Robust plastic peg, ideal for soft ground. Colours may vary.

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Plastic Groundsheet Peg

Small plastic peg ideal for footprints and groundsheets.

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Steel Continental Peg

9" Euro Peg. Great for sand or gravel surfaces.

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Wire Peg

Good for medium firm ground.

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Jubilee Clip

Jubilee Clip

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Yellowstone Bungee cord 24"/36"

Sturdy but flexible bungee cords suitable for many uses.

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Rock Peg

Made of hardened steel with plastic guy/pull point.

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12" Wooden Peg

Robust wooden pegs ideal for heavy weight canvas tents.

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Strider Self-Heating Hot Pad Hand Warmers

Self-heating hot pad hand warmers from Strider. Maintains a temperature of 50-55 degrees Celsius whilst active.

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Ice Packs 2018

Ice packs available in 200, 400, and 600 ml sizes for use with your passive cooler.

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Kampa Salt & Pepper Shaker 2018

A really handy addition to your dinner table is the all in one lightweight salt & pepper shaker from Kampa.

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9mm Jubilee Hose Clips

10mm-16mm Stainless Steel Hose Clamps.

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Unipart Super De-Icer 500ml

Unipart Super De-Icer is fast acting, quickly removing frost from windscreens and windows, and preventing re-freezing. Effective down to -15 degrees C, in a trigger-spray bottle.

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Kampa Dust Cover

A dust cover ideal for your Kampa Roly Poly.

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