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Coleman Journeymaster Pro M Blackout

by Coleman
SKU 2000038458

The Journeymaster Pro Poled awning is new from Coleman for the season and has been designed to enhance your camping experience by offering plenty of space outside of the van for either living in or sleeping in. All of the models come with a BlackOut bedroom as standard and face the same direction as the van to ensure you face the view and not your neighbour’s pitch. The awning is available in three sizes so you can make sure you have as much room as you need. The smallest of the range is the ‘M’ which is perfect for the camper who doesn’t want a big awning. The Pro L is just a touch bigger than the M and has a larger living area and canopy space while still having a 2-berth bedroom. The larger model is the XL which not only has a large living space but also a 4-berth bedroom as standard and this is probably the largest driveaway awning on the market.

The Journeymaster’s front canopy provides a sheltered area in and out of the awning. The bottom of the door can toggle up or down, so you can choose between getting a tight seal or having trip free access into the awning. Fibreglass poles help to make the awning light in weight and keep the pack size down to a minimum. A door is located in the connection tunnel so that you access the van without having to go through the awning itself. The Journeymaster is made from a 75D polyester material and has a 6,000mm HH waterproof rating.

Coleman has been revolutionary in creating the only BlackOut Bedrooms on the market. The Blackout Bedrooms block out up to 99% of daylight, helping you and your family get a longer, more restful sleep, whatever time you choose to go to bed or get up in the morning. Not only do they help reduce the light but they also help to make the temperature up to 5°C cooler on a warm day and 4°C warmer during the night.

Storm straps come supplied as standard with the awning to give you the peace of mind that the structure is nice and stable. Two cable entry points allow you to have mains power inside the awning without having to leave the door open, while a lantern hanging point is centred in the roof of the living area. Large PVC windows are located throughout the awning and have zip up curtains for privacy. Low and High-level ventilation points help to increase airflow and reduce condensation.

Technical Specifications

  • Pack Size: L78.0 x H40.0 x W40.0cm
  • Weight: TBC
  • Pitching time: 16 mins
  • Capacity: 2 Persons


  • Fibreglass Poles with metal ferrules
  • Blackout (Official) Bedrooms - makes the inners dark in broad daylight
  • RainSafe Canopy on front door (with reinforced pole ends)
  • 75D Polyester - 6000mm HH
  • Storage Pockets
  • Condensation Baffle - allows moisture to escape the tent
  • Front & Back Webbing Storm Straps
  • Drop Down Doors - Perfect for pram and wheelchair access 
  • XXL Bedrooms - 70cm sleeping area per person, providing plenty of room to sleep
  • Zipped Curtains - Allows privacy when needed
  • Webbing pegging points with tensional strap 
  • Extended Living Area - Plenty of space to relax and unwind
  • Bedroom Ventilation - access point
  • Built-in Front Canopy - Provides extra covered space, perfect for socialising
  • Bedroom Cable entry point
  • High & Low-level ventilation - Increases airflow into the living space
  • Rain Skirts - allow the water to flow off the tent with ease
  • Internal Mesh Door - allows airflow without allowing bugs in
  • Cable Entry - Neatly feed electrical cables into your tent allowing you to easily keep your camping appliances powered
  • Zipped Inner Bedroom Dividers - Provides flexible sleeping options, allowing you to split bedrooms
  • Zip Stopper - puts the zip in a child-friendly position in the event of an emergency
  • Oversized Storage Bag