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Dometic Ace AIR All-Season 500 S

by Dometic
Sold out
SKU 9120001965

The Dometic Ace Air Awning is back for the new season; and now it's available in Dometic's All-Season material! The Ace design is far and away Dometic’s most popular design as it offers loads of space while still remaining versatile. The new All-Season material is perfect for longer stays as well as those shorter trips. The Four-Season material is breathable so performs better on hotter days as well as the cold, as the material is breathable you get less condensation and a more comfortable environment inside the awning overall.

The Ace model is now Dometic’s deepest awning at 325cm, making it one of the most generous awnings on the market. A more vertical front helps to make the awning feel more spacious by allowing you to place furniture closer to the bay windows. Oversize beams also help to increase the strength of the awning in higher winds. The awning comes in two sizes (400 & 500) and can now be made larger by zipping on additional extensions/canopies to either side allowing you to make the awning as big as you need.

The Ace Air now has a slightly more traditional look with a brow canopy over the front doors, this enables you to create a veranda with any of the front panels and not have to worry about the rain entering the awning. The Ace can also fit onto a Motorhome as well as a Caravan thanks to a pre-attached Dual Kador which is ideal for a windout awning. Each model has the ability to fit rail heights between 235-265cm (this will fit all Caravans & a large number of Motorhomes).

A single inflation point makes it easy to pitch and several deflation valves allow all of the air to escape, making it stress free to get it back in the over-sized carry bag. All of the front & side panels can be completely zipped out and removed which makes the awning lighter for threading onto the caravan and the introduction of a second zip means additional mesh panels can be added to the front for those warmer summer days. A new Solar Shade/Roof Protector can be zipped onto the awning to help with extending the life of the awning while insulating the inside at the same time.

The Dometic Ace Air All Season Awning is a flagship model in the awning world and offers you flexibility like no other Seasonal awning.

Suitable for caravans or Motorhome with a rail height of 235 to 265cm & must have a minimum straight rail length of 510cm.

Technical Specification

  • Width: 500cm
  • Depth: 325cm
  • Pack Size: 99 x 56 x 43cm / 99 x 13 x 33cm
  • Weight: 37 / 10.7kg
  • Minimum Weight: 35.5kg


  • Single Point Inflation Air Frame technology ensures a strong structure and easy set up
  • Several deflation points make the awning easy to get back into its storage bag
  • Ultra-rugged and UV resistant Weathershield™ All-Season material tackles longer seasonal pitches with ease
  • Large full-height windows and skylights offer beautiful views during day and night
  • Multi-Height System for precise vehicle fitment
  • Removeable Panels – All panels are removeable to reduce pull through weight & make pack weight more manageable
  • Interchangeable Side Panels – side panels can be swapped to change side door position
  • Dual Kador Beading – allows the awning to be attached to a Windout awning (5mm) as well as a typical awning rail (7mm)
  • Apex vents – high roof vents to increase air flow
  • Zip along the Roof for additional Solar Shade to be attached
  • Crystal Clear PVC windows – clear view out of the awning but durable against the elements
  • Traditional Style Caravan curtains included
  • Mesh Window on side panel to increase bug free airflow
  • Quickpitch™ Guying System for strong and simple pitching
  • SabreLink™ Ready – pre-sewn in Velcro tabs for additional lighting
  • Dual-Pitch™ Roof System – increases head height and improves rain water run-off
  • Limpet® ready – pre-punched holes ready to attach limpets
  • AccessoryTrack™ along the length of the caravan for optional extras
  • Regulator pegging tabs – to ensure the awning remains the correct shape
  • UV Protection – UPF 50 rated
  • Waterproof – Tested to 200L/m² per hour
  • Roof Sky Window – allows more light into the awning while retaining privacy
  • Adjustable Pegging Ladders – for pegging on uneven ground
  • Veranda Pole Compatible
  • Optional Side Extensions & Sun Wings available
  • Optional Annexes & Conservatory available
  • A wide range of Add on extras to tailor your awning to your needs
  • Pegs, Pump & Carry bag included