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Camping Equipment

Kampa Pegs

Various pegs for all needs.

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Wire Peg

Good for medium firm ground.

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Steel Continental Peg

9" Euro Peg. Great for sand or gravel surfaces.

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Plastic Groundsheet Peg

Small plastic peg ideal for footprints and groundsheets.

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Plastic 9" Peg

Robust plastic peg, ideal for soft ground. Colours may vary.

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Yellowstone Bungee cord 24"/36"

Sturdy but flexible bungee cords suitable for many uses.

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Rock Peg

Made of hardened steel with plastic guy/pull point.

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12" Wooden Peg

Robust wooden pegs ideal for heavy weight canvas tents.

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Ice Packs 2018

Ice packs available in 200, 400, and 600 ml sizes for use with your passive cooler.

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9mm Jubilee Hose Clips

10mm-16mm Stainless Steel Hose Clamps.

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Kampa Dust Cover

A dust cover ideal for your Kampa Roly Poly.

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Coghlans Funnel

Multi-purpose stove and lantern funnel made of high strength polypropylene with a fine brass mesh strainer screen.

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Kampa Lightweight Cutlery Set

An all-in-one cutlery set for camping, festivals or picnics. The stainless steel material makes the set sturdy and the compact design saves weight and bulk. All three items can be clipped together using the stubs on the spoon to make packing that little bit simpler.

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Extra Large Heavy Duty Peg

Very heavy duty steel ground peg, where a substantial fixing is required.

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Kampa Egg Box 6

A reusable egg box to help safely transport your eggs when traveling.

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Highlander Screwgate 5mm Karabiner

The Highlander 5mm Screwgate Karabiner is a cheap way of securing water bottles and other kit. Although they are not suitable for climbing they are plenty strong enough to deal with most day to day tasks and feature a screwgate locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

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Yellowstone Peg Extractor

This sturdy Yellowstone Peg extractor is designed to take your text and awning pegs out with ease. The robust structure allows for swift removal of pegs.

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Yellowstone Solid Fuel Tablets

Fuel tablets for fueling stoves. Excellent power which can boil 2.5 cups of water in 5 minutes.

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Quest Round Bowl 2018

Small, light weight and perfect for all campers

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