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Battery Lights Camping Equipment

Yellowstone Lumiglow 9 LED Flashlight

The Lumiglow 9 LED flashlight is small enough to fit in your pocket or rucksack. With 9 powerful built-in LED bulbs, this Lumiglow flashlight kicks out an illuminating beam which provides you with strong lighting when you most need it! If you drop this flashlight, don't worry! With its glow in the dark outer casing, you will be able to find it easily. Included are three AAA batteries and a lanyard. It also has a knurled barrel for extra grip. Suitable for camping, hiking and festivals, in addition to being a handy tool to have around the house for power cut emergencies.

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Easy Camp – Dice Multi Lamp

Multi Purpose Flexible Light

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Kampa Flare Light

New COB technology. COB stands for "chip on board" and emits a much brighter and wider light that travels a long distance High quality Light from Kampa

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Kampa Beacon Lantern

The Kampa Beacon Lantern a superbright LED lantern that can be used hanging or freestanding.

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Kampa Firefly LED Capsule Lantern 2018

This unusual camping lantern from Kampa is an LED capsule style lantern with very low power consumption.

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Vango Light Disc 2018

This ‘UFO-like’ Light Disc is great for brightening up the living area of your tent. It is a multi-functional, portable light equipped with 48 bright LEDs which evenly project the light around your tent and campsite.

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Outwell Onyx Lantern 2018

The Onyx lantern has three different light settings and a hanging function.

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Kampa Sophie Table Lamp 2018

The superb Sophie Table Lamp from Kampa is battery powered giving a super bright LED light.

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Vango Star 85 Lantern 2018

A compact and stylish camping light that can either hang or stand.

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Kampa Dazzle LED Light 2018

LED bulbs provide a super bright light source, have ultra-low power consumption and never need to be replaced.

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Strider Supernova 400 Lantern

A Compact yet durable and bright lantern with an output of up to 400 lumens.

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Kampa Halo Hanging Lantern 2018

The Kampa Halo Lantern is a high power super bright LED hanging lantern.

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Yellowstone 12 LED Wind Up Lantern 2018

Providing 360 degree illumination with an ultra bright light, this light is perfect for any camping trip. With a wind up feature, it will work in even the most remote of locations.

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Coleman Panel Light

A multipurpose panel light which allows for area illumination as well as directional light. Attach to a panel to light up an area or hold as a flashlight. The coleman panel light also has excellent BatterLock technology which allows the batteries to be detached to prevent battery loss, meaning your panel light will continue to work for far longer.

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Coleman Push+ 200

The Coleman Push+ 200 LED Lantern is a compact and rugged lantern that has three light modes, a powerful 200 lumens output and features the ingenious BatteryLock technology to prevent battery drain, making this an excellent camping lantern, ideal for taking on your next camping trip.

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Coleman Pack Away 250 Lantern

A versatile and compact lantern that is easy to store. The Coleman Pack-Away+ Lantern has a bright 250 lumen output with a rugged and robust exterior shield.

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Pre Order Outwell Carnelian DC 350

The Carnelian light had now been updated for 2019. Instead of having 250 lumens it has a blinding amount of 350 lumens making it perfect for those late nights.

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