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Double Camping Equipment

Outwell Sleepin 3cm 2018


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Bomberlite Double Self Inflating Mat 7.5cm

This sleek self inflating mattress is perfect for all the family.

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Outwell Deepsleep Double 7.5cm Self Inflating Mattress

New for 2018 is the introduction of our outstanding new Outwell Air Flow Control Valve* that delivers fast and easy operating options in a durable, reliable design; twin Outwell AFC valves are used in the double mats for enhanced efficiency.

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Vango Comfort 10cm Double Self Inflating Mattress 2018

True to its name, the Vango Comfort 10 Double offers luxury and comfort for a great nights sleep. A lovely neutral colour makes it very compatible with all tent designs. Also ideal for extra guests that visit at home!

RRP £130.00 OUR PRICE £99.99 Save £30.01 View Details
Outwell Dreamboat 7.5cm Double 2018

The Outwell Dreamboat Double self inflating mat is the best in the class, with top materials used to ensure the mattress is durable and incredibly comfortable. This mattress gives a home-away-from-home feel to your camping experience, ensuring you have a great nights' sleep.

RRP £240.00 OUR PRICE £189.99 Save £50.01 View Details
Pre Order Outwell Dreamboat 12cm Double Self Inflating Mat

The Outwell Dreamboat self-inflating mat features the latest technology of double flat valves for aesthetic outer and quick inflation combined with superb close-to-home mattress design and comfort of their deep profile and extra width. Maximum insulation values, premium materials and adjustable mattress firmness for supportive sleeping deliver an inspired package of camping comfort.

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