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Pre-Order Kampa Awning Light 2018

A safe light for your tent or awning. The awning light can clip to metal tent/awning poles or can be hung with a built in hook. LED bulbs provide a super bright light source, have ultra-low power consumption and never need to be replaced.

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Outwell Sargas Collapsible Light 2018

Compact light for your tent giving you plenty of light during the nights of camping.

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Pre-Order Quest 2 Slice Stainless Toaster 2018

A premium quality low wattage stainless steel toaster. The main body of this toaster is stainless steel making it stronger and last longer than its cheaper rivals. It has a 2 slice capacity making it convenient and easy to store. It features an easy to use browning control with additional reheat and defrost options giving you complete control over your toaster and giving it the ability to toast frozen as well as normal bread. The toaster features a removable crumb tray and the high quality finish make it easier to clean and maintain. Being low wattage (900W) it draws very little electricity which ensures it will not trip any campsite electrics

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Kampa Sabre Link Lights 30, 48 & 150 LED

This Sabre Link System means you can link up to three lights together. As they can also be dimmed you can always have the perfect amount of light in your Tent/Awning.

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Pre-Order Quest Low wattage Large Healthy Griddle 2018

This healthy griddle is an easy to use low wattage griddle. Its made from high quality materials and combines great features with ease of use and cleaning. The griddle face is easy to clean and easy to use. Theres a drain hole for the oil with a easy removable drip tray underneath to catch the oil. This makes it even easier to use and keep clean. It features an automatic temperature control that you can manually control if you wish giving you more control than most of its rivals. The product is finished off in dark grey and silver giving it a great look on top of all the great features.

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Kampa Sabre Flex Kits

An exciting new accessory for your tent, the SabreLink Flex lighting system ensures your never in the dark. The system allows you to link up to three lights together. Each system is controlled by a remote control that allows you to switch the lights on and off and also dim and brighten them.

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Vango Sunbeam 450 Light Kits 2018

** 3 VARIANTS AVAILABLE ** The Sunbeam Starter Kit was brand new from Vango for 2017 and back for 2018. Producing 450 lumens of warm light, it is a fantastic addition to your tent or awning.

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