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Coleman Polylite 5QT Fliplid Cooler

The Coleman Fliplid Cooler is a cool box and a table in one. Whether you're going for an afternoon picnic or off to the beach, this cooler has plenty of space for everything you need as well as having a bail handle to make carrying it even easier.

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Quest Coolbox and Fridge Stand

This is a high quality stand for cool boxes garden fridges and so much more. It means that you can keep your cool box garden fridge or whatever product you place on it off the ground. This helps keep the item dryer as it does not get damp from the ground which in turn helps protect your item and helps it last longer. It also means the item is easier to use as you do not have to reach down as far to get to it. The stand itself has two different sizes which means you can have your items at two different heights and widths. The stand folds out and away in seconds and is extremely easy to use. It has non slip padding on the top which not only stops your cool box moving around gives you extra protection to the stand and your cool box. The stand also features a stepless levelling leg which caters for uneven ground and helps ensure you have a flat level sturdy and safe stand for your cool box.

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Coleman Icetime Plus Cooler 2018

Colemans Icetime Plus is great for all day long coolness and freshness. With a sturdy, bail handle design, this cooler is easy to carry even when completely full! It also has a robust outer shell and PU insulation for maximum freshness for up to 24 hours.

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Coleman Xtreme Coolers - Orange/Grey

These products feature Coleman’s Xtreme insulation for a premium cooling performance. They will hold ice up to 5 days at a 32 Degree Celsius average temperature.

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Coleman Esky 135 Cooler

A stunning top of the range extreme cooler.

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Coleman Esky 205 Cooler

A stunning top of the range coolbox

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