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Streetwize Gaffa/Duct Tape 2018

Black Gaffa/Duct tape. Durable multi purpose tape.

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Streetwize Emergency 12mm Eyelet Kit 2018

Emergency 12mm Eyelet Kit Ideal for groundsheets,tents,awning,car & roof rack covers, boat covers and many more similar items.

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Kampa Seam Sealer

Seals seams on synthetic and natural fabric. Ideal for for tents and awnings, waterproof clothing, rucksacks and tarpaulins.

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Shock Cord Repair Kit

Replacement elastic to effectively and permanently repair pole elastics.

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Kampa Repair Tape

Repair Tape provides nearly invisible, permanent repairs. Clean Adhesive Technology allows the tape to be removed without leaving duct tape’s ugly glue mess behind.

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Kampa Inflatable Repair Kit

For repairing holes in inflatable beds, self inflating mattresses, boats, paddling pools, toys and Kampa inflatable tents and awnings.

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Kampa Repair Solution

Permanently repairs holes and rips fast in most materials.

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Stormsure Repair Glue

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive will stick virtually anything.

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Yellowstone Airbed Repair Kit

A must have repair kit for all sizes and shapes of airbed. A briiliant solution to holes and rips in air beds to give you a comfortable nights sleep.

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Quest Large Clingons 2018

A Clingon allows you to create a strong, securing point on any type of material quickly and easily. This moveable, reusable instant eyelet requires no tools.

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Kampa Tent and Awning repair Kit 2018

Provides an almost invisible finish meaning that there's no need to colour match the tape. It's also great for transparent surfaces, like awning and tent windows and the rear window on car hoods. The tape will stick to natural and synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubber, plastic & canvas. Kampa Repair Solution will adhere to almost any surface for fast, strong and extremely durable repairs to thousands of items. Ideal for sealing and repairing holes and rips in tents, awnings and other inflatable products.

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Coghlans Nylon Tent Repair Kit

A comprehensive kit for field repairs to almost any damage which might be incurred by a nylon tent.

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Fix n Zip - Replacement Zip

FixnZip® isn’t your average zipper repair kit. It’s a replacement zipper slider that you can install without tools or sewing. Whether you spend your time in the backcountry or the back yard, you’ll be prepared for any zipper repair emergency with FixnZip®

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Quest Stormsure Zip Repair kit 2018

Contains a complete repair kit for zips. It doesnt need any tools thread or needles. It can be done by anyone and allows you to replace faulty broken or leaking zips. You simply remove you existing zip puller and place the new zipfix puller in its place tighten to lock in place adjust as required and you have replaced your zip.

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