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Moisture Control Caravan Equipment

Kontrol Mini Moisture Trap

Compact and discreet, the mini moisture trap is ideal for smaller spaces such as bathrooms and utilities. With a capacity of 125ml, the mini trap is a cheap, mess free, disposable solution to moisture and condensation problems in an around your home bathroom or utility, caravan, motor home, boat or car.

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Kontrol Krystals Moisture Trap Refill Pack

Re-sealable bags of crystals for the Original Streamline moisture trap.

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Kontrol Condensation Moisture Control Drip Strip - 3m

The Kontrol Moisture Absorber Drip Strip stops condensation, puddles and stains protecting your walls and floors.

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Olpro Sanidry Dehumidifying Tray

The Sanidry tray offers an efficient way to manage humidity and condensation. Ideal for use at home, caravans, motorhomes, boats, cars etc.

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Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap

The 'Original Streamline' moisture trap captures just over 1000ml of liquid. It is an ideal size to sit on a window sill in your bathroom or utility, working day and night it is a very efficient, cost effective solution to damp and condensation. Simple to use, it is easily refillable using our 500gram and 2.5kg refill bags.

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Kontrol Universal Refill Moisture Trap Tabz

Each pack contains 2 tabz (tablets) that will work with most moisture traps on the market that use this type of refill. Simply drop them into the Kontrol Mega Moisture Trap to re-activate.

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Kontrol Moisture Muncher Re-Usable Absorber

The Moisture Muncher is a re-usable control method to absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. Once the beads have changed colour from orange to white/clear, you simply place in the microwave and it will be recharged and ready to use again!

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Kampa Damp Buster Crystals Refill Pack

Suitable for both the Kampa Moisture Buster and the Damp Buster along with other moisture drains.

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Kontrol Rechargeable Dehumidifier

A great gadget for combatting condensation and musty odours.

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Kontrol Mega Moisture Trap

The Mega Moisture Trap has a capacity of 2 Litres. Working on the same principle as our 'Original Streamline' it uses easy to store and fit 'Refill Tabz'. Ideal for use as an almost fit and forget solution such as a caravan in winter storage.

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