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Pre Order Kampa Ice Packs

Ice packs available in 200, 400, and 600 ml sizes for use with your passive cooler.

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Pre Order Outwell Petrel Coolbag - Dark Petrol

Easy to pack and carry, this new stylish cool bag is ideal for a variety of leisure activities – for picnics, festivals or going to the beach. The Petrel S features a practical front zip-pocket for essential accessories and a small mesh pocket inside the lid. The cool bag is collapsible for a small packed size and has a waterproof loose liner that is easy to clean.

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Pre Order Outwell Puffin Cool Bag / Shopping Bag

This cool bag can be used both as a cool bag or as a shopping bag as it has a removable insulated liner.

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Outwell Charlotte Town with Storage Pouch

The Charlotte Town with Storage Pouch provides a suitable non-slip platform to raise the working height of items like coolers and keep them off the damp ground. The Storage Pouch is removable.

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Pre Order Campingaz Icetime Plus Cool Box 26/38L

The Icetime Plus is great for all day long coolness and freshness. With a sturdy, bail handle design, this cooler is easy to carry even when completely full! It also has a robust outer shell and PU insulation for maximum freshness for up to 24 hours.

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Outwell Beecraigs 2 Person Picnic Rucksack

A stylish picnic backpack designed to cater for 2 persons. Great insulation for your picnic food and the addition of an insulated bottle holder means you can keep your food cooler for your day out. Comfy shoulder straps mean you can carry the bag with ease.

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Pre Order Kampa Chilly Cool Box

This perfectly sized passive cool box is ideal for those last minuet trips to the beach or camping.

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Pre Order Easy Camp Chilly 12V/230V Coolbox 24L

For use in a car or campervan, this coolbox is a perfect choice. It comes in blue and orange with a generous 24 litre capacity, that will keep contents to 10-13° C below the outside temperature – ideal for picnics as well as camping.

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Pre Order Coleman Xtreme Coolers - 28/50/70QT

High quality cool boxes featuring Coleman’s Xtreme insulation for a premium cooling performance. They will hold ice up to 5 days at a 32 Degree Celsius average temperature. Available in 3 sizes 28, 50 & 70QT

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Outwell EcoCool 12v/230v Cool Box

** 2 SIZES AVAILABLE ** The interior icepack divider boosts the cooling facility. Hidden and protected cable entry, PU insulation for the best performance, Cooling and heating functions. Cools 18-25C below outside temperature Warm 50-60C. Can be used for both 12 v and 230 v (UK mains plug connection), Inside icepack divider Optimal ventilation performance.

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Pre Order Outwell Caleta Camping Air Conditioning Unit

The new Outwell Caleta AC Unit is ideal for use in tents and awnings. With low noise the unit works with or without water. Taking comfort to new levels offering air conditioning with a heater and digital push display, timer and three speed settings. Remote control included.

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Outwell EcoLux 12v/230v

** 2 SIZES AVAILABLE ** The outstanding success of our technically advanced energy-saving ECOcool boxes has led us to extend the range with the new high-end ECOLux designs offer stunning good looks in crisp white body complemented by a stainless steel and bamboo handle with the bonus of a USB port and an LED in the lid;.

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Campingaz Powerbox Plus 36L Electric Cooler

** INCLUDES FREE 12VDC - 240VAC ADAPTOR ** The Campingaz Powerbox Plus is a brilliant way to keep food cool for long periods of time. This new model has up to 30% more premium insulation to keep food at temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius below the the ambient temperature. The incredibly quite fan will keep your food fresh for the morning without disturbing you at night.

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Dometic TropiCool TCX 21 Eectric Cool Box

The BRAND-NEW WAECO TropiCool TCX 21 Thermoelectric Coolbox is a high performance 20 litre coolbox that can be operated on integrated power supply that connects to 12, 24 and 230 volts, plus a priority circuit for mains operation included as standard. Now with the long awaited digital readout and a fresh, contemporary design. It benefits from a smart power-save circuit and an energy efficiency rating of A++, with performance cooling up to 30°C below ambient temperature and a heating capacity up to 65°C to keep food warm. With the soft-touch control panel, you can set the temperature individually – to seven different levels from +1°C to +15°C in cooling mode or from +50°C to +65°C in heating mode. The memory function stores the previous setting in each case. Excellent for work or pleasure on the move at higher ambient temperatures, whether for hot periods in the UK or for warmer climates throughout Europe. Added to this the cool box can be operated in the car, 4×4, truck, caravan or motor home on 12v or 24v, or at home on 230v, DC/AC as standard.

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Coleman Esky 205 Cooler

A stunning top of the range coolbox

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Dometic ACX 40G Absorption Cooler

This absorption cooler gives you maximum freedom in choosing your picnic site. Energy supply anywhere it is used using the option to power with standard gas cartridges.

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Outwell Deep Cool 35L 2018

The Outwell Deep Cool portable cool box, with cooler and freezer functions, is an exciting innovation that allows campers to store frozen food in their tents or vehicles. Easily portable, the sturdy design has strong carry handles, a removable basket and is available in two sizes. The 35 L model, with adaptor, enjoys 12V/230V power options

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