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Kampa Air Break Pro 5

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Just when you think Kampa can’t move the goal posts any further they create the first inflatable windbreak..! The ‘Air Break’ comes in two different sizes (Air Break 3 & Air Break 5) a perfect addition to any awning, poled or air. There is no need for hammering or the worry of breaking any poles as you simply peg it out and pump it up.

The ‘Air Break’ uses Kampa’s own ‘Airframe System’ which has a single inflation point making it incredibly easy to put up but there are also two deflation valves which help to get it easily deflated for storing back in the bag. Once pitched the windbreak is surprising sturdy and can be used freestanding or can be clipped onto Kampa Awnings to create a private enclosure.

Why don’t you take a look at our ‘Attwoolls Pitching & Packing Video’ on the Kampa inflatable ‘Air Break’ windbreak.

The two different sizes help to create a different feel to the awning by extending the living area outwards. The Kampa ‘Air Break 3’ is designed to create an enclosed area on awnings between 200-330cm wide, the ‘Air Break 5’ fits awnings 330-500cm. Kampa have used their much loved ‘Pro Fabric’ which ensures good quality and gives a perfect match to all of their awnings, there is a crystal clear window in each panel to allow you to enjoy the view on the campsite and let light in.

Without the need for any internal guy ropes you can make the most of the space on the inside of the windbreak, the 3 panelled version has an overall curved length of 620cm, whereas the 5 panelled version has a length of 840cm, both share a decent height of 140cm which offers maximum privacy and protection against any wind.

Why not take a look at the Kampa ‘Air Break’ windbreak on display in our Superstore?

Please note: This product is not supplied with a pump.

  • Length: 840cm