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Kampa Rally Air Pro 260 L Awning

by Kampa
SKU AUTO01009287

The Kampa Rally Air Pro Awning was the first inflatable awning to be released by Kampa and now, 10 years later, it is still the go-to awning for many caravaners & motorhomers. With multiple innovative features, makes this awning completely hassle-free and a delight to be on holiday with. 


  • Dual-Pitch Roof System - A minimum 1.83m/6ft of interior headroom, whilst also deflecting wind and shedding rainwater to avoid puddling on the roof.

  • Single Point Inflation - Just one external inflation valve to blow-up all of the supporting Air Poles and beams for the entire awning or tent. For pack-away, quick-release multiple deflation valves make the job equally easy.

  • Weathershield PRO 6000 - Kampa’s market-leading fabric. Used extensively throughout their range. Now with improved UV protection and coatings.

  • Limpet Ready - This product is compatible with Kampa’s optional Limpet Fix System which lets you attach the rear wall of your Kampa awning to the smooth outer wall of your caravan/ motorhome.

  • UPF 50+ Protection from the Sun - Built into the awning's material to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) denotes how much solar ultraviolet radiation is reduced when passing through fabric. This UPF 50+ material allows only 1/50th of ultraviolet rays to pass through.
  • SabreLink Ready - This product is designed ready for attachment of Kampa’s optional SabreLink lighting system. 

  • QUICK PITCH - A time-saving Kampa innovation that means no more messing around with guy lines and heavy-duty straps. Replaces them with unique twists that can be pegged out taut in seconds, with easy adjustment of top straps to apply tension.


  • Type Of Awning: Motorhome Air Awning

  • To Fit: Vehicle heights of 250 cm - 265 cm

  • Awning Size: W 260 x D 250 cm

  • Pack Size: 95 x 56 x 27cm

  • Adjustable Height: 250 - 265 cm

  • Material: Weathershield Pro

  • Poles: Inflatable Air tubes

  • Pitching Time: ~ 15 Minutes 

  • Weight: 23 Kg

  • Season: 2020 version 
  • Brand: Kampa