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Zempire Evo TL Roof Cover

by Zempire
SKU AUTO01010494

Adjustable strap, attachment hooks and silver heat shield coating all feature on the Zempire roof covers. Providing extra protection to your tent and family. Extend the life of your Evo tent by protecting it from UV rays, pollen, tree sap, and other debris. A reflective silver layer helps to reflect light & heat, reducing the temperature inside your tent on a hot day by up to 6 degrees. A roof cover is simple to attach, and adjustable straps fine-tune the fit, keeping it is secure.


  • Carry Bag Included Protects your roof cover during transport and storage while keeping everything neat and organized.
  • Heat Shield Silver Coating Silver coating applied to the roof cover reflects light and heat, keeping the inside of your tent cooler during hot summer days.
  • Protects Tent From UV Damage UV light can be highly destructive to tent and shelter fabrics. A ZEMPIRE® roof cover protects your tent fly and extends the life of your tent.
  • Reduces Condensation A second layer between your tent inner and the cold outside, reduces the temperature differential, minimizing condensation.
  • Reduces Temperature By Up To 6c By reflecting sunlight and adding an extra layer of protection, a roof cover can reduce the internal temperature of your tent by up to 6 degrees C on a hot summer day.
  • Simple To Attach A simple hook an adjustable strap design makes it easy to attach and remove.
  • Webbing Adjustment To Prevent Flapping Adjustable webbing straps make it easy to tighten and refine the fit of the roof cover, preventing flapping in the wind.


Product Type: Tent Roof Cover
Material: Poly Oxford
To Fit: EVO TL
Brand: Zempire