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Quest Flame Effect Ceramic Electric Heater

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The flame effect can be used on any of the three settings. The heater has two individual heat panels and a high quality PTC heating element allowing for three different settings: 1.Fan Only: This can be used as a fan only to help circulate air in the surrounding area 2.Heat Setting 1: This is half power (750w) setting and gives out half the heat, utilising only one of the heating panels 3.Heat Setting 2: This is full power (1500w) setting and gives the maximum amount of heat output.

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Features a safety cut-out protection to avoid overheating

Has a tip over switch so if the heater does fall over it cuts out

Lightweight with a built-in handle so easy to carry and store

•Heater type: Ceramic panels

•Voltage: 220-240v at 50Hz

•Power usage: 750w or 1500w

•Size: 28 x 38 x 16cm

•Weight: 2.3kg

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