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Kampa Delta Ground Anchor Peg

by Delta
Sold out

The Ultimate Tent Peg. A new innovation in pegging, Delta Ground Anchors change the point of force so that any force on the attached guy rope simply buries the peg deeper into the ground. Designed exclusively for guy ropes, Delta Ground Anchors consistently live up to their name and provide a very secure anchor for your tent, whilst sitting flush with the ground.

Constructed from super tough nylon composite, the pegs are durable, hard wearing and will not rust or corrode. Engineered to withstand significant forces, these pegs are the best peg for the job that money can buy - tested by the University of Exeter the nylon peg can withstand forces of up to 72Kg, which is more than 1700 times its own weight. Highly recommended by Camping World and winners of numerous industry awards for design innovation.


  • Sold individually.
  • The unique shape and attachment point directs guy tension deeper into the ground where soil is firmer giving you an incredibly secure hold.
  • Their surface area greatly increases resistance to guy tension.
  • The angled profile creates a balanced hold on the ground, minimises leverage and eliminates the anchor’s ability to “cut” through soil like thin wire and screw pegs.
  • Their cross-section is rigid and ensures easy insertion and removal.
  • Delta ®anchors lay totally level with the ground when in use so no tripping. On insertion, your fingers are 6″ away from the striking area so no bruising. Delta ® pegs offer maximum safety. Weighing only 48g and tested to 72 Kg, Delta ® anchors can hold over 1600 times their own weight.