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Platinum 100AH AGM Leisure Battery


A premium leisure AGM plus battery designed for use in the leisure industry. The battery is NCC verified and a class A battery which makes it ideal for frequent uses without electrical hookup. The battery is designed to cope with the arduous demands placed on a battery by a motor mover, so is the ideal use when used in conjunction with a motor mover The use of the absorbed glass mat separators not only increases the cyclic capacity but also increases the lifespan of the battery and allows it to be discharged and recharged more often. The sealed construction ensures no leakage of fluids and allows the battery to be fitted in any orientation. Maintenance free thanks to the gas recombination making it easier to use and live with. Finished in a sealed lower box which is ideal when space is limited.Class A is for batteries with a higher storage capacity, for people who frequently use their caravans or motor homes away from electrical hook-ups and require high power to operate devices such as microwaves and motor movers. Class A verified batteries typically have 10x more cycles than a Class C Battery.

  • Specifically designed for motor movers
  • Designed to cope with the arduous demands placed on the battery by the motor mover.
  • Advanced plate design which gives high resistance to corrosion and reduces self discharge, so offers greater storage time
  • Absorbed glass mat separators which increase cyclic capability allowing the battery to be discharged and recharged over360 times, resulting in longer service life
  • Sealed construction which ensures no electrolyte leakage from terminals or case.this allows fitments in any orientation
  • Sealed low-box - ideal where the fitment location of the battery is restricted
  • Model: AGMLB6110L
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • NCC Verified : Yes
  • NCC Class: A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity (AH): 100
  • Length: 354 mm
  • Width: 175 mm
  • Weight : 25.9 kg
  • Case Height: 190 mm
  • TL Height: 190 mm
  • Terminal: T1
  • Hold Downs: B13
  • Cycles at 50%: 360

PLEASE NOTE: This item is collection only from in store, please ensure there are no other items in your basket if purchasing and make sure to buy other items separately if you wish to have these shipped to you.