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Vango Aether 450XL Poled

by Vango

The Vango Aether poled tent is ideal for small families, couples and even larger families because it is available in two different sizes, the 450XL is one of the most spacious small tents on the market while the 600XL is large enough to help create your home away from home. Both models are brilliant for families who value a larger living area but still want an open extension for cooking. Over the years Vango have designed similar tents but the big difference is that the Aether uses Vango’s new Eco fabric. The Eco fabric is made entirely from single use plastic, so rather than the plastic going to waste it can now be made into tents. Not only is the tent spacious but it is very easy to pitch (as seen from our Attwoolls Outdoors Pitching videos), the whole tent can be pitched by one person within 16 minutes making it perfect for weekend trips as well as those longer stays.

Vango’s Earth Collection has been designed to be environmentally friendly and durable, the entire range is made from single use plastics and every tent has an equivalent plastic bottle total to help show what Vango can create from just a small amount of waste. The Eco fabric has a waterproof rating of 3,000mm HH and UV protection factor of UPF30+, if this wasn’t enough the fabric also has ColourLok which aids colour retention from UV light.

The Aether has a varied number of features such as a Pre attached Open Extension to give the user shelter from the wind, not to mention Dark ‘Nightfall Bedrooms’ to stop you waking up when the sun does, two mesh doors leading out of the living area which helps to keep insects out. Vango’s PowerFlex Fibreglass Poles have pre-angled ferrules to increase height and allows furniture to be moved closer to the edge of the tent, by having fibreglass poles it allows the tent to been light in weight but strong & reliable. The tent has Crystal Clear windows to allow plenty of light into the tent while toggle up curtains give privacy as and when needed and a flexible door step which can be flattened for push chairs or raised for keeping the elements out.

Vango’s Aether 450XL & 600XL (Poled) tents really do tick all of the boxes while having the added bonus of being Eco-friendly.


  • Pack Size: L78.0 x H34.0 x W34.0cm
  • Weight: 20.0kg
  • Pitching time: 14min
  • Capacity: 4 Person Tent
  • PowerFlex Fibreglass Poles - Create strong, light and reliable structure
  • Produced from recycled material equivalent to 144 plastic bottles
  • Nightfall Bedrooms - Reduces early morning light
  • Drop Down Doors - Perfect for pram and wheelchair access
  • Double Mesh doors – Both living room doors have integral mesh to increase airflow while keeping the bugs out
  • King Sized Bedrooms - 70cm sleeping area per person, providing plenty of room to sleep
  • Bedroom Pockets - Keep all your essentials neatly stored away
  • Toggled Curtains - Allows you to get privacy when required
  • Extended Living Area - Plenty of space to relax and unwind
  • Sentinel Eco Fabric - Durable, Lightweight & 3,000HH
  • Cable Entry - Neatly feed electrical cables into your tent 
  • Built-in Front Extension - Provides extra covered space, perfect for socialising
  • AirZone Panel - Increases airflow into the living space
  • Pre-Angled Poles - Creates greater internal space allowing furniture to be closer to the walls
  • High Visibility Guylines - Guylines are easily visible to avoid a trip hazard
  • Double Action Pump - Supplied with all AirBeam tents