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2020's Best Cooking Equipment

2020's Best Cooking Equipment

We’ve compiled the latest and greatest in camping cooking equipment. Each piece of gear has been chosen by our expert team to help make your camping experience even better!

Firstly, we’re tackling a massive piece of camping kitchen equipment. The Kampa Chieftain Kitchen Unit is just that, an absolute unit. The ultimate in luxury cooking, this workstation is complete with washing up bowl, rubbish bin basket, scratch resistant worktop, shelving, storage options, sid hanging rack for utensils and inclusive of a strong carry bag. As you can see this camping kitchenette truly has everything you’ll need to be able to create 5-star meals whilst on the campsite.

You’ll be needing a burner for atop your kitchen unit or worksurface, something to cook your food with. We recommend the Campingaz 400S Double Burner Stove. From Campingaz’s Xcelerate range, this burner has built-in ignition and its patented burner technology creates low, yet powerful flames. The burner’s downstep design allows for a more wind resistant cook, producing results unmatched by other burners.

What if you wish to have a little cooking session whilst out and about? You’ll be needing both a stove and cook-set. With regards to an affordable camping stove we recommend the Robens Lumberjack Wood Stove. This small and stylish stove burns wood and branches, meaning there’s no need to carry extra fuel cans or bottles, alongside this the Lumberjack has a double wall construction for effective combustion. Inclusive of a carry-bag.

How about a quick fry up in the morning? Well why not invest in the Kampa Fry Up XL Electric Griddle. This extra-large griddle is complete with a non-stick coating, variable heat settings, cool-touch handles, non-slip feet and a pouring spout for excess fat and oils. This is truly the best piece of camping gear for a breakfast fry up.

Along with your breakfast you might need a little coffee to wake yourself up. Don’t fancy bringing with you all your fancy coffee making kit, well we have just the thing. The Bo Camp Coffee Press has built designed and built specifically for camping. A compact press which is lightweight and perfect to chuck into your bag. Simply fill the 'coffee press' with ground coffee, pour in hot water and push on the plunger. Easy as can be. This is one of the best camping coffee presses around.

Or perhaps a freshly brewed cup of tea? Well for that you’ll be needing a kettle. We recommend the Outwell Collapsible Kettle. The collapsible functionality of this piece allows you to save you vital space on any camping trip. Break resistant and easy to clean, this kettle is a truly innovative piece of camping gear.

Now you’ve got something to cook on you’ll need a cook-set to cook with. We highly recommend the Vango Non-stick Cook-Set. Not only is this cook-set easy to clean due to its no-stick functionality, it’s also extremely easy to store thanks to its folding handles. Inclusive of 2 pots, a frying pan and a plastic cup.

Fancy having a BBQ? We’ve got the perfect portable BBQ for camping. The Outwell Cazal Portable Feast Grill is both stylish and versatile. With built-in folding capability, a unique design providing a large space for charcoal and a practical carry handle, this BBQ is sure to impress everyone at the campsite.

Of course, a lot of food needs to be kept cool, as such you’ll be needing a cool box. We highly recommend the Kampa Chilly. Both stylish and practical this perfectly sized cool box is perfect for short camping trips and treks. Complete with a high density PU insulation, elastic retaining clip to hold items on top of the box and the ability to keep ice frozen for over 4 days (107 hours).

These are just a few pieces from our great camping cooking range, the rest of which can be found throughout our website.



& As Always, Happy Camping From PJ!

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