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To Cover My Caravan Or Not?

To Cover My Caravan Or Not?

When it comes to storing away a caravan for the winter, there is a difference of opinion on the question of using a caravan cover. One thought is that caravans are made to be outside so they should just be cleaned up and polished and they’ll come to no harm standing out in the elements.

But this isn't entirely true... This would be the same as buying a phone, not using a case or screen protector, and wondering why your phone is aging faster than you hoped. There are also those, including us at PJ, who firmly believe that covering a caravan is the only safe way to protect them from damage.


A caravan cover thoroughly protects your pride and joy from;

Harsh weathers - Heavy rain and Strong wind - Many caravanners opt for a cover as they believe it will prevent damp due to the cover stopping water from contacting your caravans exterior. This cuts out moulds and mildew from wet and dampness to your caravan. There is also no worry of any wear and tear damage caused by extreme or unpredicted weather. 

Over exposure of UV rays - UV rays can quickly fade paintwork and design on your caravan, it can also cause your paintwork to flake or crack if exposed to severe heat, so having a caravan cover can prove crucial when it comes to protecting your caravan exterior all year round. Intense sun rays can also damage the seals on the windows and doors.  

Animal droppings and Tree sap - Like any cover the purpose of one is to property prevent it from dirt or damage and this is exactly what a caravan cover is built for. You may have heard that bird droppings on your car can damage the paintwork, well that is no different to a caravan. A caravan cover prevents any unwanted damage, scuffs, mess or stains to the exterior caused from animals or nature.

Damage while traveling - Some caravaners not only use a cover for the hibernation season (winter) of their caravan, but also for when it is on the road. While driving it can prevent damage from any debris on the road flicking up, loose surfaces or any encounters with bushes and over-grown greenery. 

Theft - One added benefit of having a caravan cover is that potential thieves can’t easily identify what caravan model you have and neither can they see what you have stored within the caravan, preventing thieves from easily targeting your caravan on your drive or storage area.

Care has to be taken when choosing covers to protect your pride and joy from any scratches in the paintwork, a build-up of condensation both inside and outside the van, UV ray exposure, rain and dirt.

Be sure to wash, clean and care for your van before applying any cover.



& As always, happy caravanning from PJ!
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