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5 Reasons why Camping in the Spring is Awesome

5 Reasons why Camping in the Spring is Awesome


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After what feels like an eternal Winter, we are welcoming Spring with open arms, gearing up for the holiday season. Daffodils and bluebells are waking up dancing in the spring breeze and the sun is shining brighter, teasing us out of hibernation.

If you’re an outdoor lover, then camping whatever the weather might be normal to you. However, for those of us fair weather campers patiently waiting for the temperatures to soar, why wait for Summer when Spring is an equally awesome time to go camping?!

We thought we’d share with you 5 reasons why we think camping in the Spring is awesome:


1.Peaceful Campsites

Camping is often associated with serenity, a therapeutic practice for relaxation, connecting with nature and getting back to basics. Unfortunately Camping in the Summer might not always be the idyllic scene you were planning; crowded campsites, a race to pitch your tent in the best spot, queuing for hours. Go in the Spring and you will avoid the crowds, experience quieter campsites and be able to enjoy your holiday worry free.

2.The Wonder of Wildflowers

Autumn leaves and snowy landscapes are breath-taking but there’s nothing as glorious as when the wonderful wildflowers begin to carpet the ground in the Spring. As nature revives and reinvigorates after a long Winter, the World seems brighter. Pitch your tent in amongst a field of wildflowers and reap the benefits, but remember to only leave footprints, respecting the environment should be at the top of a Campers priorities.

3.Late Sunrises and Early Sunsets

Who doesn’t love a spectacular sunset!? One great thing about Spring camping is that the sun still sets early enough and rises late enough for you to easily see both without any issues. Build your campsite right and you could be unzipping your tent to the wildest views you’ve ever seen every morning. Access your Circadian rhythm by syncing with the earths natural cycle of day and night, you’ll soon feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

4.Spring Sights for Sore Eyes

Camping is awesome all throughout the year but camping in the Spring feels like an awakening. New life is in abundance, the hustle and bustle of daily life is replaced by birdsong and the soothing sounds of the natural world. Dormant plants begin to grow again, ideal for spring foraging and baby animals roam the woods and fields with a lofty spring in their step, a welcome treat for those seeking a refreshing sight for sore eyes.

5.Enjoy the Warmth of a Campfire

Whilst the sun is making an appearance Spring night’s can still be crisp and fresh, making it the perfect time to enjoy the warmth of the campfire. The crackling flames of a fire make for a cosy end to a day exploring the wilderness. The simplicity of a fire, friends and the great outdoors can do wonders for the soul. Spring camping at its finest.



We hope that our 5 reasons why ‘Camping in the Spring’ is awesome will inspire you to explore Spring camping and the delights it can offer you. Always remember to #Explorewithconfidence and leave no trace.

Happy Easter from all of us at PJ Outdoors!

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