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'2 Old Codgers Go' review of the Carron 500

'2 Old Codgers Go' review of the Carron 500

Kelling Heath

Sharing our love for the Outdoors and inspiring others to get out into the wilderness, to explore and adventure is why we do what we do. When we hear such inspiring reviews from our customers it really means so much to us.

This is why we had to share our most recent review with you of the Vango Carron 500 from two of our favourite explorers 2 Old Codgers Go. If you don't follow them on facebook yet you can find them here.


'On visiting the Caravan Camping & Motorhome show 2023 at the NEC Birmingham, with the purpose of buying a larger tent than what we have, we had a good look round Hall 4 at the amazing selection of tents available. But we kept coming back to ‘P.J.Outdoors’ display.

We checked out the Carron 500 which looked as if it would be perfect for what we needed.

We required height due to my hip replacements and the Carron 500 was ideal. The bedroom area had plenty of space for the bed and clothes. The living area could hold a picnic table, 2 chairs, stove, and household equipment for tent living.


For 2 people and a dog it was ideal. We bought the tent at the NEC for £150. And it arrived prior to our weekend away in March.

On arrival at the campsite we unpacked the tent, checked contents, perfect everything there, between the two of us we put the tent up.


For two beginners at camping this took approx half hour, with straight forward easy to follow instructions. The inner bedroom clipped with eye and toggle onto the outer tent making it so easy to erect Certainly ideal for either one person who needs a great deal of space, or very comfortable for a couple and a dog.

The first night sleeping in the tent we had strong gusting winds followed by heavy rain, and the tent stood up to both elements with out a problem.

The second night was the same with high winds and torrential rain, and once again no problem with the tent. Most of the ground water ran under the fixed ground floor with only a small trickle finding its way onto the fixed outer tent ground floor. But the weather was exceptional with very heavy rain and strong winds.


As far as the ‘2 old codgers’ are concerned we love our new Carron 500 tent and look forward to more adventures with the Carron 500.'- 2 Old Codgers go

So great to hear you both had a great time on your adventure to Kelling Heath!

We love to hear from our customers, so please do get in touch if you have any stories or photos you'd like to share with us...

& As Always, Happy Camping From PJ!

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