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Packing Your Rucksack

Packing Your Rucksack

You may not think an article on ‘How to Pack a Rucksack’ would even exist, right? Surely you just put all your stuff in and off you go. Well, that’s not entirely correct, there’s ways to back your rucksack which will be highly beneficial to you once you get to your campsite, or when you stop during a hike. This article is your guide on how to successfully pack your rucksack…

Packing your rucksack successfully is basically a question of weight and how it’s distributed, alongside you have clear access to your essential items. Firstly, weight. If you place too many heavy items near the front of your rucksack you will be pulled backwards as you walk, making inclines tough. Conversely, too many heavy items to the left or right and you’ll be pulled to either side.

First things first, get that tent in your bag. It will more than likely be your biggest item. It’s best to place it in vertically, against your back, keeping the tent’s high weight close to your body and thus easier to transport.

After this you’ll want to place your sleeping bag next to your tent, make sure to keep your sleeping bah inside a waterproof bag or sack, this is the last thing you’ll want getting wet.

Next, you’ll want to place the heavier, less immediately essential items of your kit. Cooking equipment, pillow, spare socks etc.

If your rucksack has external side pockets, try make sure both are either empty or full, this will help with your balance. We advise putting water in one and a first aid kit in the other if possible.

At the top of your bag you’ll want your food of course. You have to be sure you can quickly get to your much-needed energy source quickly!

As for the lid of your bag, we recommend putting a small, foldable rain mac in here alongside sunscreen and a torch. The vital essentials for a safe hiking experience.

Shake that rucksack and make sure it’s one coherent mass, with no empty space which may cause you to go astray or frustrate you by clanking.



& As Always, Happy Camping From PJ!

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