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Are E Bikes Worth It?

Are E Bikes Worth It?

Should I buy an E Bike?

E bikes are taking over the bicycle market. But why? Many people have negative pre-conceptions of E Bikes, however 99.9% of these doubts are wrong. E Bikes are dominating the cycling world, and they have every reason to. Yet everyone is still left with the same question; Should I buy an E Bike?


E Bikes are at the end of many rumours. ‘They’re not fun’, ‘they’re just for people who can’t ride a normal bike’, ‘they’re lazy’, are just a few of the misconceptions attached to the E Bike. The biggest myth that people attach to an E Bike is that,

“an E Bike isn’t a real bike”

What makes a “real” bike? A machine that you pedal which features a frame, a saddle, brakes, a handlebar, two wheels, gears and a chain. An e-bike has all those factors, BUT MORE. The main reason that an E Bike is named “not real” is due to the incorrect belief that an E Bike is the same thing as an electric moped. Just twist the throttle and off you go. WRONG. E Bikes are in fact more correctly known as ‘electrically assisted bikes’. E Bikes simply “assist” pedalling. An E Bike requires you to pedal with your own legs, just as a bicycle. However, as you pedal, a small engine engages and just assists with steady speed, accelerating off, zipping up hills, and cruising over tough grounds. Now, name one thing that doesn’t sound great about that?

E Bike sales have accumulated by 91% since 2017 already! And there is no sign of sales slowing. E Bikes can benefit your cycling life in numerous ways. One of the greatest advantages of the Electrically Assisted Bikes is going further, faster and longer. The small oomph of the engine means you are capable of travelling much further distances, coping for a lot longer than on a regular bicycle.

Another big ‘now’ topic is global warming. Many people are beginning to make large changes to every day life in order to help towards the current climate emergency. One huge change people are more frequently making, is transport. As cars majorly contribute to the global pollution, many are now choosing alternative travelling options to fight the pollution of gases on our environment. More and more are now travelling via buses, bikes or making the change to electric. E Bikes are an amazing alternative. Consuming an average of just 150 Watts of electrical energy, E Bikes provide a clean, green alternative for your travels.

On top of all that, an E Bike will actually save you money. An E Bike is an investment. However, once you have your bike, you can literally travel on pennies. Cutting all the big fuel costs, fully charging your E Bike can cost you as little as 10p! With 10p taking you as far as 55km! As well as the cut on fuel price, think about parking. 9 out of 10 times now, wherever you are driving, you will need to pay to park. With an E Bike you already cut out all of this. Not to mention the time you save. Forget traffic, congestions and delays, an E Bike provides you with a far quicker door-to-door journey. Saving you heaps of money on travels.

An E Bike also means far safer travels. Most bicycle accidents happen on roundabout or junctions, when that quick acceleration off is crucial. It takes a regular bike a few vital seconds to be able to build up the needed speed. With an E Bike these vital seconds are forgotten. With a little motor helping you accelerate when you need it most, it makes far safer travels on roads.   When cycling, we all know how annoying it is having to slow down for bends, turns, and corners, after just building up all that speed. We’ve all been there, thinking we can cut out the hard acceleration, again, the other end, by not slowing down. Knowing fully well you’re taking that bend way too quick. With the help of a little motor, slowing down isn’t such a dreaded thought. With cycling already far safer than regular bikes, now consider the ability to keep up with traffic. No more cars and lorries dangerously taking their bets on overtaking you on a hill.

So, just to summarise… faster, longer, cheaper, environment friendly, safer, more enjoyable journeys. YES you should buy an E Bike!



& As Always, Happy Cycling From PJ!

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