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PJ Outdoors Ultimate Festival Camping Guide

PJ Outdoors Ultimate Festival Camping Guide


Festival camping is always an exhilarating and immersive way to connect with music, nature, and fellow festival goers. It offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories by embracing the festival spirit to the fullest. With festival season upon us we’ve put together your ultimate festival camping guide providing tips, tricks, and essential advice to ensure you have an unforgettable experience under the stars.


Choosing the right Festival

Research, research, research! Make sure you read reviews, explore the lineups and make sure that the festival you choose aligns with your preferences to find the perfect fit. There are so many amazing festivals in the UK and you may even find a festival you weren’t aware of. It’s always fun to find something new.

 Planning & Preparation

Secure your festival tickets early to avoid disappointment and don’t forget about your camping passes! Check if the festival offers different camping options like general camping, VIP, Glamping and choose according to your preference and budget.

Essential Gear

Make a checklist of camping essentials including a tent of course, sleeping bag, camping mat, portable stove, lantern, cooler and cooking utensils. Don’t forget camping chairs, a portable charger, and a first aid kit. Pack light but don’t compromise on comfort and safety.

Weather Considerations

Research the weather conditions during the festival dates and pack accordingly. Bring rain gear, sunscreen, hats, and layers of clothing to accommodate varying temperatures throughout day and night.

Tent set up and Campsite

Arrive early, if possible, to secure a prime camping spot. You’ll have more options and ample space to set up your tent and create a comfortable campsite.

Tent Selection and Tips

Choose a tent that suits your needs and accommodates the number of people sharing it. Always practice setting up your tent beforehand to save time and minimise frustration on-site.

Campsite Organisation

Divide your campsite into designated areas for sleeping, cooking, and relaxing. Use tarps, rugs, or tape to mark out your space and create a sense of privacy. Keep pathways clear for easy navigation.

Festival Camping Etiquette

Respect quiet hours – Be considerate of your neighbours and adhere to designated quiet hours. Keep noise levels low during the night to ensure everyone can rest and recharge.

Waste Management

Keep your campsite clean by disposing of trash in designated bins. Reduce waste by using reusable utensils, water bottles and food containers. Respect the environment and leave no trace behind.

Community Spirit

Embrace the festival fully by being friendly, helpful, and open minded. Engage in conversations, share supplies if needed and be respectful of others personal space.

Safety and Security

Lock Valuables. Keep your valuables and belongings safe by using locks or storing them in a locked vehicle. Avoid displaying expensive items that may attract unwanted attention.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the festival, especially during hot weather. Carry a reusable water bottle and make use of the festivals water refill stations.


Familiarise yourself with the festival’s emergency procedures and the location of the medical and security facilities. Keep a first aid kit readily available and be aware of any existing medical conditions of your group members.

Festival friends

Festival camping offers an unparalleled experience, combining music, nature, and a vibrant community atmosphere. By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be well prepared to enjoy a memorable camping experience immersing yourself in the magic of festivals while relaxing in the comforts of a well organised campsite.

Our Festival Essentials:

1. Pits & Bits Body Wash-

Eco friendly, no water needed, perfect for keeping clean at a festival!

pits n bits body wash

2. Bellisima Bell Tent-

Stand out from the crowd with four fun prints to choose from, you'll never loose your tent!

Bell Tent

3.Coleman 50QT Xtreme™ Wheeled Cooler

Keep large volumes of food and drinks cool for up to five days in high temperatures, also doubles as a seat!


& As Always Happy Camping from PJ Outdoors!

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