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Robens Outback Range - Capture the essence of living close to nature

Robens Outback Range - Capture the essence of living close to nature

Robens was born out of a love and extensive knowledge of the outdoors, Klaus Robens and his wife founded the company in the early 70s and began by operating out of the cellar of their Wentorf home in Germany using their front lawn to display Robens tents.

By 1988 Robens grew out of their humble beginnings, moved into new premises and began working with industrial designer Olaf Bracht. Olaf’s shared passion enabled the brand to offer technically astute, quality products at affordable prices.

Acquired by OASE in 2000, Robens continues this legacy, inspiring outdoor living and adventure for a wide range of pursuits and people.

A great example is one of their latest projects, the Outback Range. Taking inspiration from early American pioneers surviving the elements the Outback range from Robens evokes a sense adventure and living close to nature in a wilderness environment. The traditional tent designs provide a superlative outdoor experience and enhanced performance thanks to modern manufacturing expertise and quality materials.

The Award-winning technical tent brand offers a selection of traditional style tents that capture the essence of the back-to-basics bushcraft approach to life outdoors.

Experience the beauty of simplicity. The retro style has been hugely popular with the bushcraft community for it’s practical performance and quality. Comfort, style, practicality all rolled into one beautiful Robens package. You will not be disappointed.

We’ve selected 3 of our favourite from the Outback Range:


Yukon shelter

Klondike S

To view our full range click here.

& as always Happy Camping from PJ Outdoors!

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