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Snow Peak, the Japanese outdoor brand you need to know about

Snow Peak, the Japanese outdoor brand you need to know about

Snow Peak
Founded by Japanese-born mountaineer Yukio Yamai in 1958, Snow Peak originates from the Niigata Prefecture, where the sky meets the sea via a mountain range rising up to 8,000 ft, mountain Tanigawa. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and have a strong connection to what nature can offer this is a brand you will want to know about.

Discontent with outdoor products on the market, Snow Peak was developed out of a desire to create the most superior and innovative gear on the market. Fast forward to today and the brand is one of Japan’s leaders in the outdoors. Whether it's a stylish spork or a timeless tent, functionality, usability, and considered design take absolute priority, to the point where dropping everything and venturing into the wild seems like the perfect plan.

Snow Peak

Committed to having a positive impact on the planet, Snow Peak is eco-conscious with community and customer satisfaction at its heart, the company host annual camping events at their headquarters where you can meet and talk with the staff creating a community of like-minded people and fans all over the world.

 Today, with the rapid evolution of technology accelerating the convenience of our daily lives, it has also led us to sacrifice precious human to human interaction. By simply experiencing the lifestyle of Snow Peak through our products and services, it's our intention that you can reconnect with the natural world, and the rest of mankind.- Chairman of Snow Peak and CEO of Snow Peak USA

Inspiring people around the world to enjoy the outdoors and find harmony with nature, it is Snow Peak’s mission to bring people closer to nature; they believe that by spending time outdoors we find our humanity. We completely agree which is why we are so excited about what Snow Peak has to offer.

Snow Peak


Our top 3 products:

Amenity dome tent

2. Mini Hozuki Lantern

Hozuki lantern

3.Titanium French Press

 Snow Peak French press

Shop the rest of our carefully curated range of Snow Peak favourites here.

& As Always, Happy Camping From PJ!





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